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  • The courses available on the Understanding Diabetes platform are primarily intended to help people living diabetes and those who care for them improve their understanding of the condition. They can be used by healthcare professionals as additional sources of information for people with diabetes in their care. The courses are also recommended for a general audience, to improve awareness and understanding of diabetes. The information in the courses is not intended to replace the advice of a healthcare professional.

  • Yes. All the courses on the Understanding Diabetes platform are available free of charge.

  • All the courses on the Understanding Diabetes platform can be accessed from the homepage. To start a course, click on the "Start the course" button for each course. If you are new to the platform, you will be prompted to register an account. After your account is set up, you will be directed to the start of your chosen course.

  • Yes. All courses can be paused and resumed at a later stage. If you pause or leave a course before its completion, the next time you log in to the platform you can resume the course where you left off. Click on the "Resume the course" button for the relevant course.

  • Yes. Upon completing all sections of the course, learners will receive a certificate of completion.

  • All the courses on the Understanding Diabetes platform are launched in English and subsequently made available in Spanish and French. All registered learners will receive an email notification when a language version is available.

  • If you experience any technical issues navigating through the platform and/or the courses, please send a message describing your issue through our contact form.

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